Second Chance for ThreeA's Metal Gear REX (Updated)

Thanks to popular demand, ThreeA's amazing Metal Gear REX will be making a second run through pre-order channels. The fans that missed out on REX last week, or those who weren't able to pony up all those monies at once, will have a second chance at obtaining this unbelievable beast of a toy. Sideshow Collectibles will have REX up for pre-order on March 9th. The price will be the same, except they will have the FlexPay option available. I don't think shipping will be included with Sideshow's price, but for those that can afford $490 in a few installments instead of all at once, this is a great opportunity to score what will probably be the most incredible toy ever. The only difference will be the packaging. Sideshow, along with a few other select retailers like BigBadToyStore, will get retailer packaging instead of ThreeA's original packaging, but the REX inside will be the same. This could be the last chance before REX is going on eBay for a couple grand.

Update: Besides the packaging, the retail version also will not have the unarticulated mini Snake figure. Well, at least you still get an unbelievably awesome Metal Gear REX.

REX is making a second strike for Metal Gear collections.

- Shawn - 3/8/12