Secret Spartan Sighted

If you thought Halo Series 7 was low on the Spartan variant count, you're not alone. McFarlane Toys must have thought the same thing and quietly released the white and red Spartan Mark V late into Series 7. Actually, this guy is part of a Series just for him, Series 7.5; it says so right above the UPC. This special Mark V includes a Spartan Laser and is a Target exclusive. Even I didn't know this figure existed before I saw it at Target today. I checked out and sure enough the figure had been added to the Series 7 line-up, sometime between when the Series 7 photos were posted and today. I also don't know how long this has actually been on store shelves, but from a quick glance at eBay, it looks like he's been out for a little over a week at least. Because of his late arrival, I wonder if there are less than the rest of the Series 7 crew. With his snazzy white and red colors he could be considered an extension of the white and red Spartan armor set with the sword. Kind of like a Director's Cut for Halo armor variants.

The secret Mark V Spartan takes pride in knowing that McFarlane Toys created Series 7.5 just for him.

- Shawn - 4/1/10