ShiftyLook Gets Xevious'd

Namco-Bandai's comic site ShiftyLook was launched to rejuvenate long neglected game franchises. I had known about the Sky Kid comic and the Bravoman comic (both done by Udon vets), but I missed the news that there would be a Xevious one. The Xevious games never really had a much of a story besides destroy the invaders, so turning it into a story-driven piece with characters, motivation, and word balloons seems weird to me. So far the Xevious comic is about the 19-year-old Solvalou pilot named Oscar who misses his girlfriend. This is Xevious? Okay, well I guess we'll see how this turns out. Head to ShiftyLook to read Xevious or one of the other comics, like Sky Kid, Bravoman, or Alien Confidential. Also, this post continues my quest to get Xevious'd recognized as an actual verb.

But I like donuts and steak...

- Shawn - 3/14/12