Shockwave Teams-up with Cobra at SDCC

Hasbro has announced a San Diego Comic-Con 2012 exclusive that can be an awesome companion piece to last year's Starscream Skystriker: Shockwave as a Cobra H.I.S.S. tank. Would H.I.S.S. stand for High Speed Shockwave? This might even top Starscream because Shockwave is such a fan-favorite character. The newer H.I.S.S. tank design works incredibly well for Shockwave with his signature cannon being the turret. Like the Starscream Skystriker, it doesn't transform, but it is so damn cool. Last year's Starscream included Cobra Commander, but an accompanying figure for Shockwave hasn't been announced yet. I think Destro would be a great choice. Also like Starscream, this will probably limited to one per person so everyone has at least some kind of a chance to get one.

The H.I.S.S. tank design works incredibly well for Shockwave.

Hasbro should really just make G.I. Joe/Transformers a regular line at this point, though, especially since there are now two Decepticons with Cobra and zero Autobots with G.I. Joe.

Hasbro's exclusive G.I. Joe figure for this year is Jinx/Kim Arashikage, which may be under G.I. Joe: Retaliation branding. It's bizarre that Hasbro would make Jinx the SDCC exclusive figure considering she's in the new movie. The normal figure comes in her normal red ninja gear and the variant is in white without a mask. These are already some great SDCC exclusives and I'm not expecting anything to top Shockwave this year. Man, these SDCC exclusive announcements are getting earlier each year. (via ToysNewsi)

Jinx seems to have a decently-sized role in G.I. Joe: Retaliation, so why is she only an SDCC exclusive?

- Shawn - 2/4/12