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What is Shooter Monkey?

Shooter Monkey is an ongoing list of basic side-scrolling, top-down, 2.5-D, and some 3-D shooter games. The simple, addictive gameplay and one ship versus insurmountable odds has always held great appeal. In his quest to find the perfect shooter Shawn decided to play through and review as many as he possibly can. Now the good people will know which shooters to play, and which to avoid at all costs. Nearly all of the stories have been concocted by Shawn using what little story was already present, using other elements he noticed throughout his time with the games, and sometimes by just brewing up whatever the hell popped in his head. The list includes shooters of all kinds; good, bad, decent, unique, the very excellent, simply terrible, strange, frustrating, and obscure. The listing is far from complete right now and mostly consists of arcade shooters, but it is constantly being updated. If there is a certain game you want to see that hasn't made the listing yet, email Shawn and he'll do his best to get it reviewed sooner. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!