Shooter: Space Shot

-2000 A1 Games/Agetec



The Story:

A new weapon has been created by an unknown force and is roaming the galaxy. Its A.I. has taken full control and is in the finishing stages of evolving itself into the Perfect Weapon. When it has completed the final stages no planet will be safe from its fearsome power. Three teenagers, somehow with their own space station and ships, have been given the mission to destroy the Perfect Weapon.  

My Thoughts:

If there is any shooter title that perfectly fits the game, it’s this one. Shooter: Space Shot was one of those instant ten-dollar bargain bin games when the PS One started dying off. I saw this in a similar bargain bin discounted to three bucks. I want my three dollars back.

Everything in the game uses 3-D models, but the rendering and textures are so horrible, it’s sometimes hard to see where the enemy shots are and where the enemies are themselves. The backgrounds are simple modeled locales with the same awful textures. You can even see the size of the small textures themselves as you can clearly see the line where the texture stops and starts again.

To make things worse, the shooting action has a story that plays between and during the stages. The story involves three CG anime characters with incredibly stupid names joking about their mission. The instruction book says that the three characters are male, but one of them is obviously a girl. Unless fey anime men have become even more feminine, it has to be a girl. While it is nice that the designers included a story for all the shooting madness, I would rather have no story than have to suffer through these cinemas. The visuals for the cinemas are equally as bad as the rest of the game. Textures fade in and out while they play and everything has a very rough, very ugly look.

The player’s fighter, which reminds me a little too much of the Thunder Force ship, is actually pretty powerful and has a few weapons at its disposal. The normal Vulcan can be positioned anywhere around the ship and the over drive weapon provides a huge laser burst. The one cool thing about the game is the Robotech-style missile trails from the ship’s lock-on missiles. The ship also has a nifty speed boost which can get you out of a tight spot or be used to destroy some enemies.

Aside from the few decent weapons, however, the rest of the game matches the visuals; it’s very dull. The enemy ships are boring, senseless designs. The bosses, while unrelenting with their immense amounts of firepower, are unimpressive. The bosses are the Perfect Weapon finding a better, deadlier form like a tank-thing, a mechanical serpent, and an-almost-but-not-quite-spider. The “Perfect Weapon” ultimately evolves into a giant mechanical wasp. The most dangerous weapon in the universe is a wasp?

You can also tell that the designers themselves didn’t really care about the game since the name of one of the supporting game companies is even spelled wrong in the credits. There are good reasons that some games are released straight into the bargain bin.

Score: 3.5