Shooting Game Historica 4 SP Finally Appears and Adds Liberation Maiden

It's been three years since Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. brought out Shooting Game Historica 4. I thought SGH4 was their final set since we never heard anything about an SP set. Then earlier this year, they released SGH Reboot, putting ships in display cases with a larger accessory, so again I figured that the full sets like this were over with. Now appearing out of nowhere, Shooting Game Historica 4 SP has surprised us and will be out very soon. While this hasn't been announced on the T-A.R.T.S. blog, AmiAmi has opened pre-orders.

Finally after 3 years of waiting, SGH4SP is almost here.

Following the route of previous SP sets, this set includes previous SGH4 ships along with new ships and/or accessories. From Darius Burst, the Legend Silver Hawk Burst is back and is bringing SGH Reboot's Next Silver Hawk Burst with it, without the large accessory. Metal Black's Black Fly CF-345IS is returning with the the new Black Fly CF-245TD. Twin Bee's Twinbee and Winbee two-pack is here again, but there is also a Twinbee with a brand new Guinbee two-pack. Xexex's Flint Lock also returns with a bigger, more powerful Flint add-on. And a brand new shooter is being added to the SGH4SP line-up with Level 5 and Grasshopper Manufacture's very recent 3DS title Liberation Maiden. The Kaihouki Kamui winged mech is a very surprising new addition, considering this is an SP set and not a SGH5 or another display-cased Reboot wave.

One ship that is missing from this awesome line-up is X-Multiply's X-002. The case pack of a full box of these is twelve, so there are four open slots where the X-002 could be still be in. Unless there are delays, the set will be out in late September, according to AmiAmi, so there is a little bit of time were T-A.R.T.S. can announce what else may or may not be in the set. If the X-002 is not in the set, then I'll have to hunt it down separately, since I never got around to buy the regular set because I was waiting for the SP. Yes, I've been waiting three years for this set and there haven't been any announcements until now. It looks like my patience has finally paid off.

- Shawn - 8/10/13