Shooting Gameside Shoots Out Vol. 2

Shooting Gameside, the Japanese magazine dedicated to shooters, now has a second issue. Vol. 2 features Gradius' Vic Viper on the cover and has a big feature for Gradius series including Parodius and Otomedius. This issue also continues the feature on Taito's Zuntata. The first issue featured lots of great screenshots, art, and articles (all in Japanese, of course) of shooters past and present, so this is sure to have more of the same. Shooting Gameside Vol. 2 is up for order at NCSX for $30.90. Even though I can't read most of it, it's awesome to see the shooter magazine get a second issue. Now let's see of this niche magazine goes to 3.

Now if only this contained a reveal of Gradius VI.

- Shawn - 6/25/11