Shooting Gameside Vol. 3 Celebrates 30 Years of Galaga

Shooting Gameside, the only magazine strictly about shooters, has shot out the third issue with a feature celebrating 30 years of the greatest classic game ever, Galaga. Man, I love Galaga. Anytime I see the arcade machine I have to see how far I can get on one quarter. Besides Galaga, Volume 3 covers Xevious 3D, mobile versions of Death Smiles, NES shooters, Xbox Live shooters, shooter musicians, and the Ikaruga and R-Gray 1 model kits. If you love shooters, order up a copy and anticipating Volume 4, which is already slated for January.

30 years later, Galaga, the best game ever made, finally gets on a magazine cover.

- Shawn - 10/6/11