Shooting Gameside Vol. 5 Thunders Forth

Volume 5 of all-shooting game magazine Shooting Gameside features a history of the Thunder Force series going through the five regular games and the spin-offs, but not Thunder Force VI for some reason. They may have featured it in a previous issue, I though, I don't remember off hand. The magazine also features articles on DoDonPachi Saidaioujou, Nano Assault, Sine Mora, Under Defeat HD, Darius Burst: Second Prologue, a look back at a couple Fantasy Zone games, and interviews with two members of Zuntata. Oddly, there are also articles on House of the Dead Overkill Director's Cut and Gal Gun. Those are pretty far off from the kind of shooters the magazine usually features, so it's a little weird. Shooting Gameside Vol. 5 is at NCSX right now.

Thunder Force V on the cover of Shooting Gameside 5. That's some good number five planning.

- Shawn - 8/19/12