Shooting Love Collection is a Collection of Shooting Love Collections

Triangle Service is releasing Shooting Love Collection, a collection of Shooting Love collections. Shooting Love Collection will contain both Shooting Love 200X and Shooting Love 10th Anniversary, which each collected previous Triangle Service shooters. In all there will be six titles with Exzeal, Trizeal Remix, XIIZeal, Minus Zero, Delta Zeal, and a shooter skill test. That's a lot of Zeal!

Shooting some love for Shooting Love.

Shooting Love 200X was not region free, but Shooting Love 10th Anniversary was. If this release is just packing both discs in one box then I doubt Triangle will make the 200X collection region free for this release, but it would certainly be cool if they did. This also contains a soundtrack CD if you love listening to shooting love when you're not shooting love. Shooting Love Collection should be out on December 19th.

- Shawn - 11/18/13