Siberian Strike

-Gameloft (2002)

-played on a Sanyo 8200

The Story:

I wish I could take credit for this story, but I canít. This is the actual story as it appears in the game. It was too good to do anything else with it.

ď1937: A vodka producing company, Stalinka Corp., is behind a global Communist invasion because of a secret weapon. This hellish device is genetically engineered vodka that completely annihilates the willpower of those who drink it. The company is run by Stalin-Bot, a power hungry robot, he is a crossbreed of Stalin and the future MIR Space Station. Igor Marlevitch and Natasha Kalinski, of the Russian Air Force are selected for a special air mission: Siberian Strike.Ē

My Thoughts:

Why are Natasha and Igor on a mission to save the world from vodka that takes away the willpower of those who drink it? Vodka does that anyways. I was disappointed when I discovered that there was no save feature for the game: you have to beat this in one sitting. Unless youíre riding the city bus, subway, or on a long break at work there is no way you should be playing a cell phone game for more than a few minutes. I only do because itís a part of my job. Every game that is playable on a cell phone should have a save feature. Itís just something youíd think would be a normal thing on a device you use, for the most part, a few minutes at a time.

Siberian Strike is fun, but deceptively short. Itís only three stages, but itís made to look longer because each stage is divided into three sections. Since there are only three stages it serves that there are only three bosses; a big plane, a submarine, and a heavily-armed and very large tank. Oh, you were expecting to go into space and fight the MIR Space Station/Stalin hybrid? No, the game goes and disappoints you some more when you see that the alcoholic Stalin-Bot is just driving the big tank. The graphics are pretty good, but the tiny sound effects are unimpressive. Once in awhile Natasha made comments during the gameplay, the best of which was at the beginning of stage 2 when you starting fighting boats. ďCute little boats!Ē the drunken Ruskie said.

There are other versions of this game on PDAs and the like that I hear are really good. This game needed at least two more stages and a save feature.  

Score: 5.0



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