Silpheed Model is Less Polygonal, More Amazingly Detailed

While on the internets yesterday I went to AmiAmi in a moment of randomness and what do I see as the top item in their pre-order section? A freaking Silpheed model. This is the first Silpheed merchandise I remember seeing since ever, so I was immediately excited. It's not a big mess of polygons like in the game, but a detailed and truer representation of the ship on the cover art. Plum's 1/100 scale SA-77 Silpheed model is approximately 8-inches long and is based off Game Arts' Sega CD/Mega CD shooter from 1993 with, what at the time, were "amazingly detailed polygonal graphics." Since it seems to be a put-together model and not a pre-painted model it would never look quite as awesome for me, but it's great to see that Silpheed is finally getting some merchandise love. This will be out in May if you're up to the challenge.

The destiny of Silpheed, and of Earth itself, depends on your mastery of modeling.

Three more detailed shots of the SA-77 Silpheed follow below.

- Shawn - 3/08/10