Sir Om-Nom-Nom Noms Australia

As we continue waiting to see what the U.S. Lost Planet 2 Collector's Edition will have, let's take a look at what Australia's getting from EB Games, mates. It will have the usual making-of disc, some postcards, and pirate gear for your Xbox Live avatar or a theme for your PS3. Best of all, it has a figurine of everyone's favorite Akrid, Sir Om-Nom-Nom. Now, the image is for "illustrative purposes only," but if that Sir Om-Nom-Nom is bigger than the game case, then that is one awesome Akrid collectible. Hell, even if it turns out to be only a few inches long it'll still be awesome because it's Sir Om-Nom-Nom. Capcom has yet to announce the Collector's Edition for the 'states, but my plush Sir Om-Nom-Nom could use a little buddy, so here's hoping they include a plastic Sir Om-Nom-Nom with our CE, too. And possibly a white Kotobukiya PTX as another bonus (CE or pre-order). I'm pretty sure Capcom-Unity wasn't doing that Kotobukiya figure poll just for kicks. Oh, and the Xbox gets avatar gear while PS3 gets a theme? You'd think the PS3 users would get some gear for their Home avatar, but really, digital goods are nothing compared to Sir Om-Nom-Nom. (via Capcom-Unity)

Sir Om-Nom-Nom will be nomming the outback soon, mates.

- Shawn - 3/29/10