Sky Shark

-Taito (1989)

AKA: Flying Shark


The Story:

Sharks are the terror of the waters. A shark is relentless, fast, and has evolved into the perfect killing machine. The shark is feared by all who dare tread in its waters. The Flying Shark is a bi-plane. It is slow, rickety, and feared by no one. With "Shark" attached to the name though, it is hoped that the enemy will fear any amount of raw power that a bi-plane is capable of.  


My Thoughts:

Bi-Planes are good for performing at stunt shows, dusting crops, and not much else. Sky Shark is a very unremarkable shooter featuring one of these curious planes. It offers nothing except a slow shooter experience. The enemies are standard, the weapon can be upgraded and the standard big bombs are present. The bosses are almost non-existent as they consist of tanks, battleships, and turrets. You donít have to destroy them either, since just surviving completes the mission. Stay clear of deceptively named bi-planes.


Score: 3.0