Snarf Snarf!

Here it is, the brand new eye-meltingly cute Snarf in the upcoming ThunderCats cartoon.

Snarf is so horrifyingly cute your eyes will melt.

Snarf is supposed to just say, "Snarf snarf," in the show and not actually talk, which I am perfectly fine with. So it seems that the anthropomorphic warrior cats will have a cat-type pet. Along with the new Snarf, Collider also revealed a few new pictures and some details of the new ThunderCats toys. As if there wasn't already enough of a reason to buy the awesome new Thunder Tank, the Snarf figure will be included with it. Imagine seeing the tank rolling towards you with Snarf riding on top. Yeah, that'd be the scariest and cutest thing ever.

Also shown were hi-res pics of the 4-inch Lion-O and Cheetara. I've never bought figures made by Bandai and I've heard that their toys are not great quality, but they look alright, if a little over-jointed.


Snarf in a tank. Mumm-Ra has met his match.

The Sword of Omens is way bigger than Lion-O.

Cheetara's has some incredibly red and puffy eyes.

- Shawn - 2/1/11