Some Kind of Super Elite Theron at SDCC '12

NECA hasn't forgotten at least one of their videogame properties for SDCC this year; they're bringing down the rarest enemy in Gears of War 3, the Elite Theron, as an SDCC 2012 exclusive. This badass Theron is a personal friend and drinking buddy of General RAAM, and can even control the Kryll like RAAM does. Now this is a NECA exclusive I can dig. Sure, most of the figure probably is just a simple repaint like the bulk of  NECA's other exclusives this year, but it's a seldom seen character that actually appears in the game at some point. Plus, the color scheme makes him look ten times cooler than the other Theron. This Elite Theron includes a Torque Bow, stands 7" tall, has 14 points of articulation, and will probably be $20 at the show.

Elite Theron, Onyx Theron, Black Theron, Super Elite; this dude is such a badass he has at least four names.

- Shawn - 6/11/12