Spawn 20th Anniversary Statue has a  9:9:9:9 Power Level

McFarlane Toys made me feel old today because I realized I've been reading Spawn for 20 years. Yes, 2012 is Spawn's 20th Anniversary, and to celebrate, McFarlane Toys is making a new Spawn statue. The 20th Anniversary Spawn resin statue is based off art from Spawn #1 and stands 13.5" tall. It's limited to 600 pieces, with each being individually numbered 1 - 600. Each and every statue is signed by Todd McFarlane and includes a lithograph of the original art the statue of based on. The Spawn statue is $185 (with free shipping) and will go up for pre-order on February 11th at Noon (EST) and ship in July.

The page 8 - 9 spread in issue #1 that the statue is based off looks cool and had Spawn at a full 9:9:9:9 power level, back when Spawn's power meant something, Maybe my age is telling me that this pose is a little awkward looking, but it's a great statue, and I still love Spawn this 20 years later.

20 years of Spawn and his dynamic., sometimes awkward, poses.

- Shawn - 2/6/12