Sprite Gets Refreshingly Xevious'd

In the world of videogame cross-promotions, this is a weird one. Coca-Cola Japan and Namco Bandai put Sprite into Xevious for some reason. Yeah, because whenever I play Xevious, I always think how rad it would be if I could shoot soda bottles and bottle caps. Well Sprite x Xevious is a Flash-based version of the legendary Xevious, but with Sprite plastered all over it.

It's the crossover event of the year.

In this version of Xevious, the alien force has allied themselves with Sprite bottles, flying with the aliens. Are Coca-cola and Namco Bandai saying that Sprite is bad for mankind? It seems that way. I prefer Sierra Mist, myself, but if the Solvalou or anything from Xevious appears on a Sprite bottle, I would have to track one down for myself. The game is only the first stage of Xevious, but it's worth playing through to see Andor Genesis burst in a display of refreshing Sprite bubbles. The game has auto-fire and can be played with the keyboard or a mouse. Go play Sprite x Xevious to see the ridiculousness for yourself. (via Andriasang)

How will mankind survive against a barrage of Sprite bottles?

Andor Genesis has never been more refreshing.

- Shawn - 5/8/12