Square-Enix Vs. Street Fighter

Among all their Final Fantasy stuff at Toy Fair 2011, Square-Enix was also showing off prototypes for Street Fighter figures. I thought only Jazwares would be making new Street Fighter figures, but Square-Enix has also dipped their talons into Chun Li's meaty thighs. The first two Play Arts Kai street fighters are Ryu and Chun Li. The unpainted sculpts are already looking fantastic, with lots of nice detailing. So how many times will each figure be repainted in alternate costumes? See more photos at Tomopop and ToyNewsi.

Ryu looks just as calm and bad-ass in gray.

I guess it was only a matter of time before Square-Enix faced the wrath of Chun Li's thighs.

Also, does this now open up a possibility of a Square-Enix Vs. Capcom game?

- Shawn - 2/13/11