Square Enix is Making Metal Gear

Okay, Square Enix isn't actually making Metal Gear games, but they are producing some incredibly awesome Metal Gear toys. The first will be two Snake figures, one in a sneaking suit and the other in jungle fatigues, from his appearance in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. These are a part of the Play Arts Kai line, so the figures should be around 9-inches tall and will have lots of articulation. There won't just be two figures of Snake, however, but also four vehicles/Metal Gears from the game that are all in-scale with one another. These all look amazing. The Snake figures should be out in June with the vehicles coming later. (via Kotaku Japan)

Only the most melodramatic get made into Play Arts figures.

The Chrysalis, Pupa, and Basilisk.

The massive Cocoon.

- Shawn - 4/7/10