S.S. Mission

-Comad Corp. (1992)



The Story:

The Corporate Takeover Corporation is a greedy group that has taken over many businesses. However, their lust for more has driven the board of directors insane. The CTC has joined forces with an alien race to takeover every corporation and small business in the world. The aliens want only one thing from the CTC: diamonds. The aliens use for the diamonds is unknown, but the CTC has already taken control of most of the world's jewelers. Your syndicate salvage mission, S.S. mission for short, is to get to da choppa and destroy the CTC. Your secondary mission is to retrieve as many diamonds as you can from the diamond hungry aliens.

My Thoughts:

In S.S. Mission you pilot a red helicopter against spaceships. Let me repeat that: a RED HELICOPTER against SPACESHIPS. During my time with the game I was hoping the last stage wouldn’t be in space. A helicopter fighting spaceships makes no sense as it is, but a helicopter in space would be even worse. Fortunately, it wasn’t. The last bland stage was just like the others. Each of the seven stages is pretty much the same thing; a town, a base, or a base with a town in it (or maybe it's a town with a base in it, I can't tell). 

Each of the bosses are equally similar. They are all big ships that looked like floating platforms. And the sameness doesn’t end there as only three music tracks are used for the entire game. You also fight the same three enemy types in each stage until you reach the fifth and sixth stages, where you are introduced to one more ship and a flying robot. I must point out that it is highly amusing when you shoot the little bazooka soldiers and their explosion is bigger than some of the ships you destroy. The power-ups are color changing mini-copters that give you one of four weapons, only one of which is of any real use. You also get a screen-clearing weapon that brings lighting down from the sky. I’m not sure how a helicopter can control lighting, but then why the hell would a helicopter be dog-fighting spaceships in the first place. There are still pictures between each mission of an Apache helicopter in action, not the lame ruby red robo 'copter you actually fly in the game. Maybe the artist for the pics drew them before he was told that the game featured a red helicopter from the future. 

Score: 2.5     


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