Star Force

-Tehkan Ltd. (1984)



The Story:

Our alphabet is in danger! Aliens with gold-plated ships have stolen the English and Greek alphabets. Their plan is to learn our language and take over our societies with the art of debate. We can not let that happen. They can not be allowed to retain any of our letters. Destroy all the letters in the aliensí possession. We would rather destroy our own letters than have dirty aliens using them.


My Thoughts:

Iím still trying to figure out the concept of this game. You fly a standard space fighter and you destroy tons of space buildings and gold colored enemy ships but, you also destroy letters. The letters scattered about on the asteroid cities, but many of the letters are hidden. You have to shoot randomly to uncover them and then destroy them. The alphabetical genocide doesnít stop there. Each boss is a flat floating platform with a two gun emplacements. When its guns start shooting a big Greek letter floats off the platform. You need to destroy the letter before it flies off the screen to complete the stage. If its not destroyed then you take another trip through the stage until the boss is reached again.

In stage two, shooting question marks flips them over into freakish smiling faces. What does this have to do with shooting letters? What does any of this have to do with fighting off aliens in a space fighter?

The only power-up in the game is an attachment which looks like another ship. It mounts itself on the back of the ship and all it does is grant you rapid fire shots. Itíd be nicer to have a few more power-up options because the gold aliens shoot more and more as the game goes on. I just wish I could understand the purpose of this game.

Score: 3.0