Star Fox 64 Toys Barrel Rolling In

Nintendo is finally making a Star Fox Arwing toy (the Star Fox 64 version), along with the Landmaster tank, Blue Submarine sub, and three subs from Steel Diver. I think these might be the first official Star Fox ships ever, not counting the foldable paper ones that were included with Nintendo Power. These are all part of the Nintendo Mechanical Kit Collection that will be available in May. There aren't many details, as how big these are and whether they'll be blind boxed or not. Since each ship/sub will cost 300 Yen each, I'll say they'll be about 2-3" long and will be in blind boxes. I haven't played Steel Diver, but it's very cool that there will finally be some Star Fox ships to collect. If these sell well I hope we see a retro polygonal Arwing from the SNES days. (via GoNintendo)

This is more of a Nintendo Submarine collection than anything else, but it's about time we get Star Fox toys.

- Shawn - 1/2/12