Star Wars: Republic Commando: Order 66

-THQ Wireless (2005)

-Played on a Motorola Razr



The clones have their day.

My Thoughts

Star Wars: Republic Commando: Order 66 is based off of the clone troopersí biggest moment of bad-assery: when they kill off most of the Jedi. The Force was useless against an enemy who suddenly had a switch flipped in their brain. With its style of gameplay, Order 66 could actually be classified as a shooter, but one with a bit of strategy needed to save the day. Or destroy the day, since clones are commanded by the dark side.

Before each mission you select three clone troopers to form your squad. As you complete stages youíll unlock more troopers with different abilities. The five troopers you get are a standard clone that shoots straight ahead, a spread shot trooper, a tactical trooper with a shield that blocks enemy fire, a heavy trooper that fires grenades, and an ARC trooper that has a more powerful attack. Youíll also unlock Darth Vader, or I should say Anakin Skywalker playing Darth Vader, for the final stage. It is important to choose the right clones for each mission, because certain clone attacks are almost required to have for a couple bosses or to get through certain areas.

Most of the strategy in the game comes from the clones being able to be dispersed into three formations: triangular, a vertical line, and a horizontal line. You can then alternate the position of the troopers on the fly to maximize their droid and Jedi killing efficiency. There are a couple power-ups with health packs and air strikes from Republic Gunships.

Each level is broken up into three areas. In the first two areas you fight droids, as if the clone troopers were still fighting with the Jedi. In the third area, order 66 has been enacted and itís your squad of clones trying to take down their Jedi commander. The Jedi are tough to beat. Theyíre not the wimps they appear to be in the film.

The game starts in Newmodia where the clones fight Plo Kloon flying a Jedi Starfighter. Plo has to be a pretty crappy pilot if he canít take out three clones with a space fighter. What a disappointment that guy turned out to be. Next up are the clones on Mygeeto and their glorious chance to take down that big-headed bastard Ki-Adi Mundi who likes to throw his lightsaber and big rocks. Utapau is next with Obi-Wan as the boss. Yoda and Luminara Unduli fight your clones together, making the Kashyyyk stage a bit difficult. In the final stage, the clones fight Cin Drallig and lots of nameless Jedi.

The graphics are decent, but the character sprites are very small. The small sprites do allow the screen to become packed with droids and laser shots. Although, the doid fighters and Gunships are well detailed considering that most of the visuals are small. The sounds are pretty lackluster and essentially a bunch of laser blasts.

With all the droids the clones must battle through and the obstacles they must go through, the game can be a bit slower-paced at times, but you want to make sure your clones can handle what ever is coming at them. The idea of the game alone should interest Star Wars fans into checking it out because few Star Wars games let you kill off Jedi with clone troopers. Itís a fun mobile game with a little strategizing to go with all the laser fire. It's also the best game to come out of THQ's crop of poor games from their Star Wars license.

Score: 7.5





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