Stare into the Soulless Eyes of Snarf

There were tons of new ThunderCats toys at Toy Fair 2011 for both the old new series. One of these was the new Snarf included with the new Thunder Tank. The first picture of Snarf was extra super cute, but the toy... by Jaga's beard, what horror...

Careful there, friend, don't look directly into Snarf's eyes.

Now, this is still probably still a prototype and overall the figure is fine, but I'm really hoping that Bandai paints some pupils on those eyes. Otherwise, Snarf will be the scariest thing of the new ThunderCats toys, even scarier than Mumm-Ra, The Ever-Living.

Speaking of Mumm-Ra, his figures were also on display at the show. His new weak and feeble self looks even more weak and feeble than his original version, and that's saying something. I like it.

Mumm-Ra needs to hit the gym. And a cheeseburger.

As for his powered-up form, he looks more high-tech, even though he's not high tech, if that makes sense. Maybe it's that wings that are throwing me off. Yeah, the new Mumm-Ra has wings at some point. He also has his own kind of Thunder Claw thing and what could be a rival sword to the sword of Omens. I like where this is going. That under-bite seems a little strange, though. Does that form when he gets angrier than angry Mumm-Ra? Be sure to check out more photos of the figures, vehicles, and playsets at ToyNewsi.

There's Mumm-Ra, but where's Ma-Mutt?

Mumm-Ra, The Under-Biting.

- Shawn - 2/14/11