Starscream, Cobra Commander, and Megatron Together at SDCC

Hasbro announced one the coolest SDCC exclusives ever at Toy Fair 2011 today: A Starscream Skystriker with Cobra Commander and Megatron in gun mode. While already done in comics, Hasbro has finally brought the Transformers and G.I. Joe worlds together in their toys. The Skystriker doesn't transform, it's just painted as Starscream. Megatron also doesn't transform, however, it's just an absolutely incredible set. Can you imagine Cobra Commander cruising the skies in Starscream with Megatron in his holster? I can and it's an overload of pure awesome.

Starscream, Cobra Commander, and Megatron are the greatness of three evils.

I know it's early in revealing SDCC '11 exclusives, but I don't think anything can top this. Until Hasbro give this set an official name I'm calling it "The Greatness of Three Evils." Or "Triad of Terror." Or just the "SDCC '11 Box of Awesome." Either of them sound pretty good. This is going to be at the top of many SDCC attendees lists of both G.I. Joe fans and Transformers fans. I'm almost afraid to hear what the price is going to be at the show and on eBay afterwards. I can already tell that SDCC is going to be brutal this year. (via ToyNewsi)

- Shawn - 2/12/11