-Sony Pictures Mobile/Upstart Games (2005)

-Played on a Motorola 265.



Why do we not learn from what books and movies tell us? Robots are going to take over, we get it already! This time it's a new jet plane that turns evilÖ and it has clones!



My Thoughts:

Stealth is a movie about a plane with artificial intelligence that turns evil in an extreme music video-fueled world. I did not see the movie, but do I really need to? Does anyone need to? What kind of surprises can we expect from stories about robots with A.I. anymore? We already know that some type of robots, whether they are terminators, Hal, Matrix-bots, I-bots, or Cylons, are going to take over the world and exterminate mankind someday. Apparently the new approach this time was that it was going to be a jet. Perhaps the next movie should be about artificially intelligent vacuum cleaners taking over the world. You think those Roombas are just cleaning your carpet? Theyíre slowly plotting taking over our society from the comfort of our own homes. Well, Sony obviously thought Stealth would be so awesome that it released a mobile shooter based on the movie.

In Stealth you take the role of one of the pilots from the film. Iím not sure whether youíre the extreme guy pilot, the extreme girl pilot, or the other extreme guy pilot. It doesnít matter though. All you know is that EDI (Eddie), the evil stealth jet, has used its A.I. to take over the systems of other military craft, turning those vehicles evil as well.

The graphics are fairly good, but the colors are a bit dull. Nothing is vibrant as it is in Raiden or Star Trek: Birds of Prey. Sound is limited to a few blah music tracks. The game has the necessary auto fire option and saves after each mission; features that are crucial on a cell phone based game.

The game has five stages. Each stage increases the number of evil robot controlled planes, tanks, and turrets. The amount of firepower shot at your jet reaches insane levels and finishing stages three through five is quite a challenge. The bosses of the game consist of a stealth bomber, a flying aircraft carrier, two big gun turrets, three clones of Eddie, and then Eddie itself.

The most unique aspect of the game is stage three. The entire level is in night vision, meaning everything is sickly green in color and all the enemies blend in to the background. Some enemies, on any stage, have stealth capabilities and the only way to see them is to spot the shadows on the ground. The enemy vehicles arenít the only one with stealth technology. Since you are flying a stealth fighter you can become invisible to enemy radar for a short while. This causes the enemies to shoot wildly while you destroy them from exactly the spot you were at before your invisibility was activated. Your stealth plane can also collect power-ups for spread and lasers, support wingmen, bombs, and heat seeking missiles.  

Stealth isnít anything new or special, but it is a decent shooter for the cell phone. Iím sure itís a hell of a lot better than the movie.

Score: 6.5




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