Steve Blum's Starscream Voice

Steve Blum, voice actor extraordinaire of Spike Spiegel, Wolverine, and about a bazillion other characters, announced that he was voicing Starscream in the upcoming Transformers Prime cartoon at SacAnime 2010 last week. Steve doesn't really have too many roles that go into that high-pitched Chris Latta kind of Starscream territory, so I wondered how he could possibly do a Starscream voice. Most of his roles have that iconic Steve Blum growl that has helped make him such a popular voice actor. Well, an attendee at SacAnime 2010 got a video of Steve previewing his Starscream voice at a panel... and it is a very different Starscream. It's like a combination of the narrator in Transformers: War for Cybertron (also voiced by Steve), a dash of regular Starscream, and Steve Blum. From what I can hear in this video, I like. Listen to it yourself, but have your finger at the ready on the mute because there is an ear-shedding squeal explosion when he's finished.

- Shawn - 9/10/10