Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

-Capcom (2004)

-Also on Xbox.



Itís the Hyper Super Street Fighter 2 Dash Turbo Fighting Third Strike minus Alpha Anniversary Champion Edition.

My Thoughts:

Capcom celebrates Street Fighterís 15th anniversary with a collection of two Street Fighter games for the fans.

Hyper Street fighter 2 is an amalgam of the five incarnations of Street Fighter 2. This includes The World Warrior, Champion Edition, Turbo, Super, and Super Turbo. Can regular Ryu take down Super Turbo Ryu? Hereís your chance to find out.

The graphics, music and sound seem a little dated now, but when the game is as good and classic as this it doesnít matter. The game is as playable as it ever was. You can easily pick up a controller and get beck into the groove of the game that changed the world of fighting games. This has always been a game best played with a friend or two, but the single player experience is still a lot of fun. The computer doesnít really like to pick random character classes though, as it seems to prefer the powerful Super Turbo versions of the fighters.

It was a huge deal when Capcom released Champion Edition. We could get our kicks and play as the devious bosses. Super introduced four new characters, three of whom no one really seemed to care about. Everyone loved Cammy, though.

After years and years of waiting, Capcom finally released the official third chapter in the Street Fighter series. Street Fighter 3 featured slick and smooth animation, an improved fighting system, and a load of new faces. Third Strike is the third version of SF3, which added a few new characters and some touches to improve the fighting system. There is no question that this is an excellent game. The graphics are crisp and the animation is incredible. With the animation being so smooth and fluid though, you can see a fireball coming from a mile away. Itís one of the finest 2-D fighting games ever made.

I was never able to initially get into the game because I didnít like most of the new characters. One of the things that made Street Fighter 2 so appealing was the characters. They were all so different and exhibited their own unique personalities. To me, many of the characters in Street Fighter 3 lack that quality. Few of them fit into the world of Street Fighter and seemed better suited for a romp in SNKís fighting universe. After spending a greater amount of time with the game I have come to like a few of these characters, but there are some that still feel out of place.

I absolutely hate Sean. Oro, Q, Urien and Dudley are characters that seem out of place. I also donít like the inclusion of Hugo. I know that Final Fight and Street Fighter are in the same world, but why include Hugo and not some other Final Fight character? Is it just because heís big or did they use up everyone else in the Alpha series? The whole baby routine is exceptionally annoying. As for all the other characters, I do like Makoto and Ibuki. All the others are decent and Iíve accepted them more as a part of Street Fighter. The returning characters of Ryu, Ken, and Chun-Li are still my favorites, however, and Akuma is always a fine choice. One other character that I think should have returned would be Sakura. Since, according to the Alpha series, she was before Street Fighter 2, we could see her as more mature and in a different outfit than her school girl look. She would have made a much better character than Sean. The final boss of the game, Urizen has got to be the worst boss of all 2-D fighting games. Heís a red and blue guy in a thong! For all the new characters, this guy with his long flowing hair fits the least in the Street Fighter world.

Both games give you the option of listening to the original music or arranged music during your battles. However, there is no option to turn off the atrocious Street Fighter rap that plays during the opening and select screens in Street Fighter 3

I had wondered why a version of Street Fighter Alpha or even the original Street Fighter was not included. It would make the disc more inclusive and allow everyone to see the different aspects of the series at once. Hopefully Capcom will release some kind of Alpha disc that does include the original game. Or, Capcom could continue the Hyper-style mashing of Street Fighter 2 and release a game that has every version of every Street Fighter character from all the games. It would be like Tekken Tag Tournament, but better, since it would feature the legendary fighters.

Street fighter Anniversary Collection is a must-own game for anyone that was ever into Street Fighter at some time.   


What there are for extras are in the Hyper portion of the disc. There are the opening movies and staff rolls for each Street Fighter 2 game, all the music from the games, and the Street Fighter 2 animated movie. I was excited when I first read that the movie was included. It meant that I didnít have to buy it on DVD since my VHS copy was getting worn out. However, the movie is the full frame edited version. Crap. I watched it just to see how different it was from the regular version and it sucks. The blood is edited out, as is most of the swearing. It was a huge disappointment. Iíll still have to buy the movie on DVD.

There isnít any kind of history stuff or anything that explains the real differences in all the games. You would think this kind of stuff would be included in a disc titled ďAnniversary Collection,Ē but apparently not.  

Score for Hyper Street fighter 2: 9.0

Score for Street fighter 3: Third Strike: 8.5

Score for disc: 8.5