Street Fighter Combos Monopoly Properties

Capcom-Unity has announced USAopoly's latest variation on their greed-endorsing property board game: Street Fighter Monopoly. According to the press release, you can buy locations from the games like Makoto's Karate Dojo, the rooftops of Japan that Ryu hangs out on, and Bison's Shadaloo headquarters. Let's take a look at that again: you don't buy Japan, you buy the rooftops of Japan. Weird, but in that case I hope we can also buy E. Honda's bath house, Blanka's dock, Vega's cage, or Chin Li's random street with the guy choking the chicken. Also, Bison dollars as the currency would be incredibly awesome.

There is no release date yet, but it'll probably be a while yet because Capcom and USAopoly are letting fans decide who the tokens are. Head over to Capcom-Unity where you can vote for which characters become tokens. I like that all the original world warriors and the four bosses are the only choices. As of right now, Ryu, Chin Li, M. Bison, and Ken are the top four. Zangief, Vega, Guile, and Blanka are all pretty close to for the fifth and sixth spot. Voting ends March 5th, so get in your vote if you want a little 'Gief to trot around a game board.

You must pay Sheng Long's rent to stand a chance.

- Shawn - 2/27/12