Street Fighter Comics return with Super Hardcovers

Out training and meditating for the past 18 months, Udon's Street Fighter comic series has returned with Super Street Fighter: New Generation. This time, however, Udon is skipping the individual comics and releasing these straight as over-sized hardcover graphic novels. Volume One is out right now and is 144 pages of new stories and a gallery with sketches and original art. Udon has actually posted previews at Comics Alliance and Kotaku to get everyone pumped for the series big return. The book is out at comic shops now and will hit online retailers within a week or so. It's listed at a $34.95 price, but it can be found for much cheaper. I'm a big fan of Udon's Street Fighter series and have been eagerly awaiting this. It will probably more than a month until volume two hits, but at least these are already in Udon's awesome over-sized hardcover format.

These new Street Fighter stories hit too hard for individual issues.

- Shawn - 1/31/13