Street Fighter Figures Hitting from CapoToys

A new challenger has appeared in the world of Street Fighter figures. Brand new toy company CapoToys was somehow able to land the Street Fighter license for new action figures. Their first wave of their 7" scale figures based on Ultra Street Fighter IV will have five of the most popular world warriors with Ryu, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka, and Sagat. CapoToys is new, but is aiming to make the best Street Fighter figures possible.

The figures are sculpted by Rocco Tartamella and will each have 19 - 24 points of articulation, mostly ball-jointed. The figures will also be in 7" scale, and they will be in-scale to one another, which is awesome. For example, Sakura will be 6" tall, while Sagat will be 9" tall. Some figures will also get the added bonus of cloth costumes. Ryu will have a cloth Gi and headband, while Sagat will have cloth shorts. Not all the figures will have cloth outfits, as Chin Li, Blanka, and Guiles clothes will be sculpted on, but there will be other characters in further waves; Ken will also have a cloth Gi. There have been a ton of Ryu figures over the years, but definitely going to need a Ryu and Sagat in cloth fighting outfits.

Before the first wave hits, there will be exclusive figures at this year's EVO tournament and San Diego Comic-Con. An EVO exclusive figures? I don't think that's ever been an EVO exclusive figure before. Hopefully fans that don't go will be able to nab one at CapoToys online store. After this year's exclusives and the first wave, there will be 5 - 10 figures released each year afterwards.

So far the sculpts look great and hopefully the paint work is just as good. I'm very interested to see how good the cloth outfits look on the figures themselves. SOTA made the best Street Fighter figures ever, but it looks like CapoToys is going to be a big challenger for the best Street Fighter figures. More will be revealed at Toy Fair 2014 in a few weeks. Read the full interview with Rocco Tartamella at for more details.

- Shawn - 1/25/14