Street Fighter HeroClix Bring the Fight to Tabletops

Back in my day, we didn't have online to wage our Street Fighter battles. We had to get together at the local arcade or at home and fight face to face, man to man. Well, maybe we can think about getting a little gaming night going again when Street Fighter Hadoukens its way into the realm of HeroClix this August.

The pictures of the figures currently gut-punching the internet are looking good so far. They are in great poses and have some cool translucent energy attacks. There will be a six figure starter set for $19.99 that includes Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Blanka, and Dhalsim. Hmm, they couldn't have just made an eight-pack to include all eight original world warriors? That kind of sucks for anyone that would just want the original eight, because then they have to buy blind box packs in hopes of getting Zangief and E. Honda. The blind box packs will be single-figure packs for $2.99 each. The characters in the starter set will also be in the single packs, but will have alternate paint jobs, like the player-2 Ken shown below. It also sounds like you might get a complete set if you buy a full case.

No online? No problem!

The Street Fighters are supposedly fully compatible with other HeroClix, so you could totally have an awesome X-Men Vs. Street Fighter tabletop battle. There's no word yet on how far into the Street Fighter games the characters go, such as if there will be Alpha, III, or IV characters, but I'm sure we'll see what they all look like around August. And you just have to love that Akuma figure with the trailing shadows. I may need to get back into HeroClix again. (via Comics Alliance)

That Akuma HeroClix is going to be highly sought after, even by people who don't plan on playing HeroClix.

Sorry E. Honda fans, you have to get your hundred hand slaps form a blind pack rather than the starter set.

 - Shawn - 4/28/11