Street Fighter Monopoly Throws a Hadouken at Go

Back in February, Capcom and USAopoly ran a poll to decide what characters would be made into tokens for Street Fighter Monopoly. I don't think they ever told us the results before releasing the game, because it's now out at various internet retail spots. The winning tokens were Ryu (obviously), M. Bison, Blanka, Vega, Chun Li, and Ken, but we kind of got duped because only the first three characters are actually tokens. The latter three are just parts of the characters. Vega is his mask, Chun Li is her bracelet, and Ken has been turned into a Hadouken. Weird. It matches the objects of regular Monopoly, but I would have preferred the actual characters like what they did with the supreme Transformers Monopoly.

Is passing Go considered a Round? We're going to at least Round 37.

Tokens aside, they missed opportunities for having art in Free Parking (Bonus Round car) and Jail (Cody), but it's a Monopoly thing to have the corners remain the same. You have to know you're still playing Monopoly, but Chance and Community Chest have been renamed Random Select and Bonus Round, which is fantastic. The board also features original art with Ken and Akuma looking like creepers peeking out from behind the playfield. Above all, though, the currency is Bison dollars, which is simply awesome and the one thing I was hoping that Street Fighter Monopoly would actually have.

Vega's mask? Chun Li's bracelet? A Hadouken? These weren't on the poll!

Ryu looks kind of angry. Also, Ken and Akuma are creepin' me out.

- Shawn - 9/11/12