Street Fighter Motion Comic Enters Round 2

A second motion comic based on Udon's awesome Street Fighter series will be out this August from Eagle One Media. Street Fighter: The New Challengers makes issues #7 - 14 of Udon's comic into a 90 minute movie type thing. Eagle One Media released their first Street Fighter motion comic, Street Fighter: Round One - Fight, back in early 2009, which compiled issues #1 - 6. The first one was decent enough and was a chance to see the comic in a new way. It seems kind of weird to me that it would take over two years to make the next volume, but from the promo video further down, it's apparent that Eagle One is putting a lot more work into this release.

The new challengers are bringing some updated animation to this page turner.

The four-minute video showcases a little of what we can expect in this second DVD. The video is a sequence with Cammy and her Delta Red team on a train that was originally in Street Fighter issue #7. This time there is facial animation and more animation of individual characters and their movements, as opposed to just panning across and zooming into images. The added animation definitely gives it a more of an animated movie feel. The voice-acting in the first motion comic was fine some times, yet kind of terrible other times. I won't judge based on this one scene, but with the added animation work, I'm also hoping that the voice acting will be better overall.



If you pre-order the DVD from Eagle One Media you get a 4" figure as a bonus. You can choose from Ryu, Ken, M. Bison, Chun Li, or Seth. Seth is way out of place here because he wasn't in the comic during these issues. It is very cool of Eagle One that they let you choose whiuch figure you want, though. There is also a limited edition that includes a slick Ryu T-shirt featuring the art from the first edition of Udon's Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition trade. Unfortunately, it's only available in XL. (via Capcom-Unity)

- Shawn - 5/9/11