Street Fighter Ultimate Editions Hadouken More Ultimateness

Udon just recently released their oversized Street Fighter II: The Ultimate Edition in soft and hardcover varieties, but they have something even more ultimate for fans wanting the ultimate of Street Fighter Ultimate books. Udon have a special limited box set of both Street Fighter Ultimate Editions with updated hardcovers in a sleek and sexy slipcase with art by Alvin Lee. To differentiate these limited versions from the stand-alone hardcovers, these have a color dust jacket with a foil stamped hardcover while the regular hardcovers have the reverse. Not only that, but the set also includes a random original sketch of Ryu or Chun Li from Long Vo or Omar Dogan. It's super-limited at only 250 sets and is an exclusive at Udon's online store. The set is priced at $249.99, but for a limited time they have a discount code for $50 off, so the set will only Hadouken your bank account for $199.99. I bought the original softcover release of the first Street Fighter Ultimate Edition and was going to buy the regular softcover of Street Fighter II with Ken on the cover, but this gorgeous set might be too tempting. Check out more images over at Udon.

The Street Fighter Ultimate Editions just got more ultimate.

- Shawn - 1/5/11