Street Fighter X Tekken and Tomb Raider Minimates Crossing Lines at C2E2

Again, thanks to a Capcom crossover title, we get to see characters that we never thought we'd see as Minimates. Much like last year, Diamond Select used 2012's C2E2 to debut some brand new Minimate action, this time with Street Fighter X Tekken. Series 1 looks to include Poison, Lily, Cammy, Nina, Zangief, Craig Marduk, Guile, and Raven. If there are Toys 'R' Us and direct market exclusives like the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates, then we'll see a few additional characters, too. I can think of many better choices in Tekken characters than Marduk and Raven, but I guess all the A-listers can't be in Series 1. Also, Zangief should only be paired with Kuma.

Poison, Lily, Cammy, and Nina are the first SFxT ladies to cross that Minimate line.

Zangief! There's also Craig Marduk, Guile, and it looks like Raven is hiding behind Zangief. I hope Guile includes a comb.

The Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates could be out as soon as July.

Meanwhile, Diamond Select will be be releasing Tomb Raider Minimates in 2013. The Lara Croft Minimate looks like it's based off her updated younger look in the new upcoming Tomb Raider game. Lara was the only figure shown off, so who knows if there will be other figures, but we have until 2013 to find out.

Remember the very first Lara Croft action figure from Toy Biz? Yeah, the Minimate is way better and a fraction of the size.

Diamond Select also had some of the figures from Series 3 of the Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates. I wonder if Series 3 will be the last of MVC3 figures with Diamond Select focusing on the SFxT Minimates. I hope it's not the last series because there are still some characters from MVC3 I'd love to see as Minimates. If it is, at least we got Amaterasu. (via ToyNewsi)

Amaterasu is looking amazing. Also there's Akuma.

She Hulk, Chun Li, and X-23.

The first M.O.D.O.K. Minimate and a Thor round out MVC3 Series 3.

- Shawn - 4/14/12