Strikers 1945

-Psikyo (1995)


The Story:

The war is finally over. Jonathan Striker can go back home for a much deserved rest. Or so he thought. A new threat has emerged from the ashes of the second world war. It seems that pilots on both sides have turned against their comrades without reason or provocation.

Although they are more technologically advanced, Striker does not believe that this force is being lead by someone from the future. Strikers has formed a new team comprised of ace pilots from all over the globe. Each pilot brings their unique abilities and ace flying skills to the team. With Striker's heroism in the war, his fellow pilots thought it would be appropriate to name the team after Jonathan. The team is called Strikers. Striker must now lead the Strikers and find out who, or what, is behind this uprising.

My Thoughts:

Strikers 1945 is not a true sequel to Capcom’s 1940s shooters, but it is in spirit. Aside from the time period, the Strikers series borrows a couple of characteristics from Capcom’s WWII shooter franchise.

This time there are six planes to choose from: the common P-38, a P-51, a Spit Fire, Bf-109, a Zero, and the backwards plane Shinden. Each plane has its own style of attack with its lasers, mini support planes, and their own signature special. Some planes lasers will fire straight ahead while others will shoot in a spread pattern. The mini planes will form up along side you fighter, or tail your movements. When the fire button is charged the mini planes will do a different attack formation depending on what plane you are piloting. The specials for the fighters have a great range. There are normal bombs, rain, support bombers, flame cannon, support stunt fighters, and a spirit beam. All the planes do the famous loop while performing their special.

The Japanese are so advanced that they can make it rain on the moon.

The enemies are all what you’d expect… except for the robots that is. Each boss starts off as a normal shooter boss vehicle, but given enough damage, part of the vehicle transforms into a big attack robot. I would have rather just fought the normal boss vehicles. The boss ‘bot designs aren’t all that exciting and are the least of your worries.

The biggest surprise is when your plane flies into space. Yes, your 1940s airplane can somehow achieve higher than possible altitudes and even operate in the cold vacuum of space. There are a lot of fantasy elements in shooters, but regular airplanes and helicopters in space is where I draw the line. While fighting in the black void you find out what is behind all the attacks and the game became a heck of a lot worse. Prehistoric space crabs are controlling the humans. There are flying crab ships, walking fat-crab tanks, and some giant living space crabs. The final boss is a star entity that morphs into more crustacean creatures. 

When the game is beaten a picture of the pilot of your chosen plane is displayed and you're whisked away to complete the game again, but on high insanity difficulty. One play through was enough for me, but completing the game with other pilots made the game even worse because I had to fight those stupid-ass space crabs again.

Score: 5.5









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