Strikers 1945 II

-Psikyo (1997)


The Story:

What a strange turn Johnathan Striker’s life has taken. A couple years ago he was fighting the Axis powers over Europe and Japan. Just last year he fought a new power made from disgruntled soldiers on both sides. Now he is fighting prehistoric crabs that take control of people’s brains… and they’re from space. What a very odd change of events.

The Strikers had successfully defeated the space crabs but at what cost? Only Striker, who piloted the P-38, and the pilot of the Shinden survived the battle. Ryu Tsunaka, the brave Japanese pilot, was the big hero when he flew his Zero right into the nucleus of the star entity. Striker takes his death especially hard because of their past conflicts and eventual team up and respect for one another.

Upon returning to base, Striker was informed that the space crabs were still a threat. The mother crab was hiding on Earth and had taken control of more human minds. It had made its way to the planet while the Strikers were fighting the rest of its forces. Striker quickly put together a new team with four new ace pilots. They will now finish the space crabs once and for all.

My Thoughts:

Strikers 1945 II presents more of the same from its predecessor. There are alterations though, the main difference being the selection of new fighters. Joining the Lightning and Shinden from the first game are a Flying Pancake, a Focke-wulf, a Hayate, and a Mosquito. With the new planes come new charge and special weapons.

A meter on the lower left corner of the screen fills as enemies are destroyed. This is the charge meter and the fuller it becomes, the more powerful the charge attack will be. The fighters no longer have their mini support planes. Now, all their specials are support bombers or fighters, except for the Mosquito’s. The Mosquito’s special is a giant rocket. The Hayate is the only plane to have the mini fighters for its charge attack, so they're not completely forgotten. The Shinden’s special attack in the first game is now its charge attack in this game. The charge attacks for the other fighters are new and consist of missiles, big lasers, and powerful napalm.

The most welcome change is that the last few stages don’t take place in space. The Strikers stay on Earth and go underground to battle the big crustacean God. All the other enemies are the same and the boss vehicles with hidden mechs remain as well. Fortunately, there are only a couple big crab machines and they're not the fatty alien crabs from the first game. Overall this game is better simply because the planes don’t fly into space and don’t fight as many alien crabs.

Score: 6.5









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