Strikers 1945

-Psikyo/Agetec (1997/2001)




The war after the war is fought against transforming robotsÖ and crabs.

My Thoughts:

Strikers 1945 for the PS One is actually Strikers 1945 II. Why didnít Agetec release a compilation disc with Strikers one and two instead of just two under the name of one? At least itís the better of the two.

The Playstation version offers two game modes: original 1 and 2. Original 1 presents a new game balance. Original 2 is based on the balance of the arcade game and has a screen that scrolls when you move the fighter. In other words, neither mode is an arcade perfect port. I prefer playing original 2 because it makes it a little easier to collect all the gold bars, destroy every single enemy, and makes it possible to avoid every boss attack. A difficulty selection of seven levels has also been added and you can choose from monkey to very hard.

The biggest difference from the arcade version is that the graphics take a hit. Theyíre a bit jagged and pixilated in spots and not as bright and colorful. Overall everything else from my Strikers 1945 II review still applies to this version. I was a little surprised the graphics arenít as good as the arcade version, but the added modes make up for it a little so it all evens out. 

Score: 6.5


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