Subject Delta Knows the Time to Kill - and to Cuddle

NECA has announced another cute, but not-so-cuddly BioShock plush doll. This time it's the star of BioShock 2, Subject Delta. The Subject Delta plush doll is pretty much the same as the Big Daddy plush, except instead of thumb tacks and wire cage there are three screws, a couple tubes, and part of the baseball is carved out for a watch face. The big question here is, will the watch actually work? If it does, I may need to stop wearing my watch and just carry around a Subject Delta. However, from the photo it looks like it might not be a real watch in in its face, which would be too bad. The Subject Delta plush doll will be around 7-inches tall and should be out in July. I still have yet to see the first plush in the wild, though. Maybe it's just been sold out all the time. NECA also posted some shots of Big Daddy Rosie, Eleanor Lamb and Little Sister 2-pack, and the gross female Splicer. If you've been following the BioShock 2 toys then you've most likely seen the photos before, but if not, head to NECA to check them out.

Subject Delta says, "What's the time? It's time to get drill!" (Yes, I know what I did, but I'm going with it.)

- Shawn - 4/20/10