Suda 51 Brings Us Sine Mora

Suda 51 has announced that the next game by Grasshopper Manufacture will be side-scrolling space shooter Sine Mora. The game is being co-developed and published under a new super team-up deal with Digital Reality. Aside from Suda 51's involvement to make it instantly awesome, Sine Mora will also have a time manipulation mechanic inside its traditional shooter gameplay. Sine Mora will be on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2011, with the PSN version having a fancy 3D option, provided you have an ultra-expensive TV and glasses of course. There are no screenshots or anything yet, but there is a cool poster image, so enjoy. (via Kotaku)

With Suda 51 involved, Sine Mora is guaranteed to be awesome.

- Shawn - 8/19/10