Super Mario Bros. Crossover Would Blow My Mind in 1988

Videogame crossovers are an uncommonly common practice these days (see Lost Planet 2, Capcom Vs. anything, and cart racing games), but back in the NES era it basically never happened. Just imagine if Nintendo released a version of Super Mario Bros. with Link, Samus, Mega Man, Bill Rizer, and Simon Belmont added as playable characters. Well, that's just what Exploding Rabbit did with Super Mario Bros. Crossover. He re-created the entire game of Super Mario Bros. and added in all the characters. Each character plays exactly as they do in their own games, with all their moves and sound effects. Even music from their own games plays during the levels. If this was 1988 my young mind would have exploded with too much awesome. Since it is 2010 it's just super awesome. If you have a controller grab it because it's better to use than a keyboard. Now go play it!

My younger self wouldn't have been able to handle this much awesome all at once.

- Shawn - 4/28/10