Switch Sides in this Strania Trailer

There's a new trailer for G. Rev's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade shooter Strania, the shooter where the mechs overdose on bullets and fly around at dramatic angles. This new trailer shows off a lot more gameplay and what may be some bosses. The game looks great, but then at the 2:02 mark G. Rev reveals what the DLC will be. Normally you and your Strania forces fight against the Vower forces, but the DLC will let you play the game from the Vower's perspective. It's an awesome idea because it makes you the "bad guy" but, it's all a matter of perspective. Strania will be out sometime soon-ish in the Spring at 800 points. It'll be a worldwide release so everyone can overdose on bullets, and eventually switch sides and fight from an alternate perspective. The website for Strania is actually bi-lingual, too, so check out more mech shooter goodness there. (via Siliconera)

- Shawn - 2/16/11