T-ARTS' Thunder Force V Booth at Comiket 78

Japan is on holiday for the next several days for the Obon Festival, which is also the time for Comiket (Comic Market), Japan's big self-publishing comic-book fair. T-ARTS will be at Comiket 78 selling their exclusive green Thunder Force V Shooting Game Historica EX ultra-super-mega set at their Thunder Force V booth. Sure, they're selling other stuff, like a vampire kitten in a coffin, but check out the photo; a huge TFV poster and stacks of TFV boxes? Yeah, that booth is owned by TFV. Supposedly, the Video Game Robotics 2 mechs might make an appearance at the booth, too.

I just find a booth mostly devoted to a Thunder Force V toy set and a vampire kitten in a coffin fascinating.

- Shawn - 8/12/10