Tekken 4

-Namco (2001)




An old man in a diaper tries to screw over his family once again by holding another King of Iron Fist Tournament and all the other aging fighters' wacky adventures continue.

My Thoughts:

Iím a fan of the Tekken series. Iíve enjoyed every game in the series and have completely played through each.  I have educated myself on the great soap-opera storyline and know everyoneís relationships and histories with each other. So I should really like Tekken 4 right?  I should, and I do, but I donít.

I was really hoping Tekken 4 would have some new kind of evolution in its fighting system (like what Virtua Fighter 4 did for itself), but it didnít. The stages can alter things a smidge as they have some slight elevation differences and actual borders this time, not the unlimited rings in the previous games. These make doing some moves feel slightly different and lets you do some new juggle combos, but otherwise, this is the same game youíve played before. In a few stages you can destroy things like statues, phone booths, and cars if you give your opponent a powerful move near the object. Well, extra destruction is always good. 

There are only two completely new characters: Steve Fox, a boxer; and Craig Marduk, a Vale Tudo fighter. Christie Monteiro is only half-new.  Sheís just a sexy chica using Eddyís Capoeira moves. All the other Tekken favs are in the game with some new costumes. Jin looks pretty slick in his hooded jumpsuit, complete with zip-off pants. Paul finally lets his hair down and Yoshimitsu looks cooler than ever with his more insect-like appearance.

Thereís no question that the graphics are great, the music is pretty solid, and the characterís stories are still an interesting mix of good and weird. I just feel a little let down by the whole thing. Maybe I was just expecting too much.   

Tekken Force, the mini-game in this installment, is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up ala Final Fight, but sucky. The Tekken characters move the same way they do in the regular game, which is bad. Their jerky movements are not suited for a fighting game of this type.  It gets too repetitive with fighting the same guys and gets way too boring.   

As much as I like the Tekken series, I just canít recommend this game to anyone but the Tekken fans like me, who need to know the continued stories of the fighters. 

 Score: 6.5