Tekken Goes Bishoujo

Not content with just making the ladies of Marvel and DC into Bishoujo, Kotobukiya will be making their videogame Bishoujo debut with Tekken. More specifically, they're starting with Capoeira fighter Christine Monteiro, using her look from the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a basis, although all the characters' normal looks are fairly standard in all the Tekken games. The images are a bit soft and blurry, but her outfit seems is a little more skanked-up than normal. She is in a cool pose, though. The next statue in the Tekken Tag 2 line will be the android girl Alisa Boskonovitch. If Kotobukiya makes all the females in Tekken then they had better do Panda and Female Mokujin statues. For those of you that don't like your beloved Tekken characters getting the Bishoujo treatment, look at it this way; at least it's not Ame-comi. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Christie and Alisa at SDCC this year. Maybe Kotobukiya will even reveal other videogame licenses they have. (via Tomopop)

The eternal question: How does her outfit stay on with all that dance-fighting?

Christie is showing more cheekage than I remember.

- Shawn - 6/30/11