Tekken Tag Tournament

-Namco (2000)




Take all the fighters from Tekken 1, 2, & 3 and throw them into a big pot. Add a dash of smoother graphics, sprinkle in some odd endings, add one fresh new character, and stir. Serve will a side of bowling, Tekken style.

My Thoughts:

Tekken Bowl is possibly the best mini-game ever. After going out to the bars, or during a party, get Tekken Bowl ready. Even if people donít like to play video games, have everyone try one game, either playing two people versus or in pairs (one person is the front man while the other is pick-up). Everyone will love this game and youíll be playing for hours. Itís simple, fun, and includes all the goofy Tekken characters.  Seriously, my roommate or I have taken this game out at parties and after-bars and non-gamers have loved it.  Iíve also had a few friends and acquaintances buy Tekken Tag just for Tekken Bowl. Itís that good of a bonus. 

Okay, now that the praises for TB are done, letís get to the actual Tekken Tag TournamentTTT is basically Tekken 3, but with a new tag feature, better graphics, and every character since the first Tekken. It's non-sensical in continuity, but since it doesn't continue the actual Tekken storyline it all works out. 

Some may complain it doesnít do anything new besides the novel tag feature, but itís not really supposed to. Itís nearly all the characters from the first three games in one big brawl, which works just fine.

The tagging is alright. You tap a button and the other character, or player, jumps in ready to fight. The pseudo-problem (itís not that big of a deal) with the tag feature is that if one character gets KOíd, the match is over. The other guy is still has power to fight, but once one goes down, the fight is over. Since thereís no fighting to the last man, it makes you do a little life-bar management with your fighters. Youíll just be swapping in the other guy because of his slightly larger health bar.   

If you are familiar with the Tekken fighting system youíll do just fine here. If you arenít familiar then youíll also do fine. You can button-mash your way to success, but go deeper and youíll discover a fine fighting system full of cool and painful looking moves. You can also learn the nuances of the tag fighting system to add a little extra strategy to your Tekken technique.

As I stated before, this game includes all the characters plus one. Unknown is the new girl and looks damn cool with the wolf spirit "controlling" her moves. She does not have her own moves but uses everyone else's. It would be nice for Unknown to have her own style, but when there are over thirty fighters ready to brawl, you can't complain that much. One more "everyone" character is good enough. As usual the new endings are confusing, weird, or just donít make much sense. What I wish Namco would have done with the endings is use full CG like the opening and Unknownís ending. I know they want to show off how good the in-game graphics look, which they do look very good, but full CG endings would have looked so much better.

This is easily a must-buy game, solely for Tekken Bowl, but the game you play through to unlock it is pretty damn good.

Score: 8.5