Terra Cresta Rises from Shooting Game Historica

Takara Tomy A.R.T.S. has revealed their most ambitious Shooting Game Historica ship yet: Terra Cresta. Terra Cresta was a vertical shooter released in 1985 where the power-ups were more ships combining with the first ship. The Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon ships combined to form Wing Galiber. It made the player's ship a lot bigger, but it was such an awesome way to utilize power-ups. In their Shooting Game Historica EX line, T-ARTS is doing just what was done in the game; making all five ships and having them combine to form Wing Galiber. Seriously, this could be the best SGH set ever.

Five ships combine to form Wing Galiber.

With the ships combined, they could also be separated and fly together for more firepower covering a bigger area. Also, with all the ships as Wing Galiber, it could use a special ability to become a phoenix. You would think five ships in one would be powerful enough, but nope, it's also a space phoenix.

All T-ARTS is showing right now is concept art and a computer model. Hopefully prototype shots aren't too far in the future, but I know that they like to perfect their toys. This is going to be an amazing set and it's going to be a big one since it's in the EX line. A big thanks to longtime reader Cisco for the tip!

- Shawn - 6/12/14

Alpha, the first ship when starting to save the galaxy.





The computer model of Wing Galiber.